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We believe all children are capable and exceptional. By respecting and encouraging each one’s personality, strengths, and interests they are allowed to shine in their own unique way. This allows each child to understand their potential and develop the confidence which builds the core of their future success.

At The Reggio School of Tokyo ‘RST’ we provide learning opportunities for all children from 12 months of age. The aim of RST is to nurture children into becoming successful world citizens, people confident enough to make friends and speak from their heart no matter which country life may lead them to. A true world citizen is someone who can make friends and be trusted anywhere in the world. It sounds easy for children to become bilingual or even trilingual, but there is much more to communication than just speaking a language. For one to be truly capable of open communication they need to be active listeners who are caring, courageous, respectful, and culturally literate. An excellent international early childhood setting does make it possible for children to gain these skills. Our approach to education provides a wide range of experiences in a homey atmosphere where each child’s personality can shine. Our mission at RST is to help children to be happy and confident in themselves so that they may be successful no matter where their future may take them.

The world is continuing to globalize and no one knows exactly what the future will have in store for children growing up today. At RST we provide an education which allows children to not only to gain new skills, but more importantly develop the ability to adapt, continue learning new skills, and develop a love for learning. This gives our students the ability to be successful as a world citizen in a rapidly changing global community and opens up an endless number of pathways that guarantee a bright future.

  • The quests to discover life's wonders,
    is to nourish the "Richness of the heart",
    throughout the long years and
    will be the foundation to enrich your life.
    The RST "education"
    It may seem a little different from others

    Very commonly, "education" could be defined as
    being able to read, write, name objects,
    do addition and subtraction, can speak a foreign language, etc.
    Where there is a heavy emphasis on what we can do.

    Is that really the most important thing?

    For example, "to write"
    The objective of writing is not to "write"
    but by using the expression "to write" to expand your imagination
    what to express, create, do
    to another meaning of "to write", it is most important.

    To store the necessary knowledge and ways
    is a very important thing.
    Just to store such information will not be the source to live your life.
    Not only to trace the right answers, but to think for oneself.
    By pulling out the stored information, edit, and molding it
    your own way and outputting it all,
    you become alive for the first time.

    Children try to absorb everything that surrounds them
    Children try to send information all around themselves.

    There is no right or wrong answer.
    It is filled with joy, questions, and imagination.

    An education not only to "teach"
    It presents a lot of charm located around the kids,
    pull out the interest of the children to the experience.
    Through that experience, the creativity of each of them,
    expression, emotion, and imagination
    will continue to grow.
    What our "education" aims is to develop and enhance
    the treasures that children are born with.

    Stop showing the children the road of the obvious,
    but if is necessary, teach them only the wonders of life.
    (from the "amazing world of learning")

    Referred to as the best education approach by Time Magazine,
    from Italy "Reggio Emilia Approach"
    Grattino Delrio (Reggio Emilia Mayor)
    was told to quote the words of Mr. Georgio Garbel

    The Reggio Emilia Approach is
    to honestly encourage the "sensitivity" within children
    the potential ability of the children
    such as to let them grow naturally(spontaneous)
    which is a beautiful educational approach.

    We believe that at RST, children find out
    what is really important while incorporating
    edcaution based on this approach,
    we want to make it a "place" for all of us to grow.

    The quests to discover life's wonders,
    is to nourish the "Richness of the heart",
    throughout the long years and
    will be the foundation to enrich your life.

    Think for oneself.