International School of Innovation

The Reggio School of Tokyo

  • Our Commitment to the Arts

    We actively work and partner with museums and galleries to provide private viewings,specialized projects and lessons with exhibiting artists, and curate one of a kind experiences for our students. RST students have even had their projects and creative experiences displayed in museums alongside the work of the artists who inspired them.
    Our Charity Art Auction event gives our students the experience of displaying their works in a gallery and allows our students to understand and appreciate that their contribution has helped children in need all around the world. In 2023 alone we raised over 330,000 yen for children’s charity, entirely through our students creativity.

  • Initiatives in the Community

    It is our mission to work hand-in-hand with our community. By involving the children in community development we give them the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the world around them and develop new skills. In addition to community learning opportunities, our students and teachers are working together with local community projects to further develop our neighborhood through projects like urban farming. Additionally we work to provide professional development and resources for other educators. We strive to increase the quality of education available to children through events like hosting educators from Reggio Emilia for public workshops in our community.